Etsy is a powerful marketplace for creative businesses. It generates a huge amount of traffic internationally for people searching for the perfect items for their home or to give as gifts. Many small businesses have found success through Etsy alone, and it can be an incredibly profitable source of income once you master the art of driving traffic to your store.

However, it can take a little bit of work to get found, and it can be easy to become disenchanted when you're not getting any visitors or making enough sales to cover the cost of your time. We can help you get excited about your Etsy store again, whether it's a simple shop review to help identify any areas to work on, or a full optimisation of your Etsy store to improve your titles, tags and descriptions. 

Etsy Shop Review

Purchase a shop review and get a full report on all the areas that could be improved including suggestions for keywords, tags, titles, and branded shop content that will increase your visibility. You'll get a full PDF breakdown including some action points to help you get your Etsy head back in the game.


Etsy Branded Content

If you're happy with your descriptions, but you'd like to give your store a little face-lift, we can help you create on-brand copy that will increase your visibility and make the most out of fields like your shop title, shop announcement, policies, and about page. We'll start with a short video call, and then we'll create your content and send it over to you.


Ad-hoc Etsy

Etsy SEO

To improve your Etsy SEO, I can help you with two packages. Choose from my "TAGS + TITLES" package, or go for the standard product description and get the whole shebang.

TAGS + TITLES £10 each (5 x listings minimum)


Maybe you'd like someone to set your Etsy shop up for you, or you could do with someone to give you a pep talk and help you out of a rut. Whatever it is, give us a shout and we'll come up with something that meets you wherever your needs are at an affordable price. To give you a rough idea, our hourly rate is around £35 depending on the level of skill required to do an awesome job.

Contact us here for custom packages.