Crafting the perfect product description for something you've spent hours developing, creating, and putting out there is no mean feat. By the time you've considered search engine optimising your listing so that it stands out from the crowd; ensuring that it has a unique description for each platform to increase your chances of ranking highly, and then creating a compelling description that is going to enable customers to glean the same knowledge as they would if they were stood in a bricks-and-mortar shop, it can be quite an overwhelming task.

If you'd like some help creating unique descriptions for your products, whether it's for Etsy, Not on the High Street, or for your own website, we can help. From one-offs to get you on the right track to packages that optimise your listings across multiple sales channels, there's something for every budget.

It's not a magic solution -- running a business and generating sales always takes work, but it's the first step in getting your products in front of online customers and building your brand so that when those special occasions come round, your work is easy to find.

Etsy Product Descriptions

For your Etsy listings, we'll research all of the most popular keyword phrases for each of your products before crafting them into titles, descriptions, and tags that will increase your visibility and shop views, leading to more favourites and more sales. 

Product Descriptions for Your Own Website

For product descriptions on your own website, we'll craft long-form descriptions using mid-tail SEO keyword phrases that are most likely to get you ranking organically in Google's top results. We'll also provide you with further tips and tricks to optimise your website using regular, relevant content.

Not on the High Street Product Descriptions

Each of your Not on the High Street listings will come with two researched, relevant keyword phrases along with all the compelling copy you need to shine in those NOTHS search results.

Other Product Content

You might need content for your newsletter or Facebook page that doesn't sound to salesy, or you might be having difficulty with your wholesale catalogue. Whatever it is, we can work with you on an ad-hoc basis to make sure you've got everything you need to feel like a total biz boss.

Pricing for Product Descriptions

For a total breakdown of pricing, you can check out the Pricing page here. 

Single product description, one platform: £15

Single product description, additional platform surcharge: £6

10 x product descriptions, one platform: £135

10 x product descriptions, additional platform surcharge: £50

For example:

6 descriptions for Etsy OR Not on the High Street would cost £90

6 descriptions for Etsy AND Not on the High Street would cost £126

10 descriptions for your website OR Etsy would cost £135

10 descriptions for your website AND Etsy would cost £185