Digital and Content Marketing

Content Marketing

I love me a bit of content, and there's nothing more satisfying than helping people improve their lead generation and conversion rates with manageable content plans. The two main ecommerce sites I manage have 3.6% (up to 7.05% in Q4) and 7.8% conversion rates respectively. That's a lot higher than the global average!

Social Media

Whether it's working with you to develop a social media strategy and providing you with a month of content ideas, or it's managing Facebook Advertising for your biz, in the past two years, I've personally grown a multi-six figure business out of £6,000 in Facebook ad spend. Yass, queen.

Facebook is an under-utilised resource for so many businesses, but it's still an amazingly powerful platform to generate leads and sales. Book a call with me and let's chat about how it can help you.


Whether you need an audit to help identify the main areas for improvement, or you want a competitor analysis so you can identify content gaps for your content marketing strategy, or perhaps you need to know the most commercially viable keywords for your niche, I'm experienced in researching and reporting on all things SEO.

I've done a lot of on-page SEO work for ecommerce businesses and service providers, and particularly enjoy creating long-form SEO content. I can also help with link-building and other off-page SEO strategies to help boost your website's ranking and authority.

I got an ecommerce start-up from total n00b to Google's #1 position for the main intent-to-buy keywords in their niche, overtaking a multi-million competitor with a 10 year old website and thousands of backlinks - this was within 18 months on a very limited SEO budget (approx. 2 days/month).


Copy, copy, you're my fave.

From a young age, I've loved linguistics - I love playing with words and exploring the ways tiny changes make a psychological impact on readers. On a personal level, I particularly enjoy adding humour and the unexpected into my writing. Professionally, over the past five years, I've enjoyed testing and researching conversion copy and how words can compel an audience and take them from passive onlooker to active participant.

Whether it's website content, email campaigns, blog posts, SEO pages, or copy for your PPC or Facebook advertising, I can channel your brand's voice and create irresistible copy for your customers to devour. Yum yum.

My copywriting crosses over to my SEO work in terms of writing page content, and can be combined with my content marketing services for the whole shebang. 

I can also do other stuff from project management for executing strategies, to designing PDF workbooks, and setting up beautiful newsletters that fit in with your brand. I work closely with a couple of amazing photographers and an incredible videographer as well, so if you need a comprehensive content package that includes the written word alongside top notch images and moving images, we can help with that.

For ongoing work, my day rate is £300. For one-off projects, let's talk and I'll give you a quote.