Whether it's help with Facebook's adverts, figuring out your online audience, working out your social media aesthetic, or simply a fresh pair of eyes to help you plan your social media marketing for the next few months, we can help you. We want you to feel confident in every area of your business, so we offer a few options to support your social media depending on your goals. Choose a one-off strategy session to focus on practical ways of creating and posting original content that your audience loves, or book a training session covering tools and resources to help you grow your online presence (including using Facebook's powerful advertising tools in a budget-friendly way). If you'd prefer to outsource a certain number of posts each week to ease the pressure, we can also provide week-to-week account management for your channels. Find out more below!


Social Media Management

If you find social media stressful and would like the comfort of knowing that your business is being promoted without you having to think about it, why not consider a Social Media Management package? Choose which channels you'd like us to help with, and the frequency of posts, and then crack on with creating new product ranges and fulfilling orders without the stress of generating new posts every week.

For ongoing account management, we work on a retainer basis one month in advance. Prices vary depending on the number of channels you'd like to be managed, how much content needs to be created, the size of your following and the frequency of posts, but a sample price would be:

Two channels, three posts per week including content creation, relevant hashtags, and replying to comments: £240 per month


Social Media Training

Perhaps you'd like to learn more about using Facebook Advertising to grow your business, or maybe you're feeling insecure about your Instagram? Whatever you're struggling with, a training session can help you build your confidence and post with aplomb. Choose a one-to-one session focussing on your specific needs, or book a group session to make it more affordable.

Training sessions are available for creative business owners and freelancers, as well as for churches, charities, and community groups who may struggle with confidence in their communications.

Price samples for training sessions:

Two hour one-to-one session: £125

Half-day for up to 8 people: £255 + travel

Full day for up to 8 people: £395 + travel


Social Media Strategy

If you're in a social media rut and you'd like to get your head in the game for the next six months, book a strategy session and let us help. 

Whether you want to focus on your Instagram aesthetic, figure out your target audience and put a programme in place to build it, or you need help with curating and creating content to share each week, you'll leave our session feeling refreshed and motivated to make the most of your channels.

Two-hour strategy session: £125

Half-day strategy session: £255