All things email-related

From helping you with setting up a sorting and labelling system to filtering out the important stuff, setting up auto-responders, and responding to queries, we provide a range of support for your email inbox including regular email management (screening and/or answering); one-off inbox optimisation; managing your church’s mailing list, and sending out weekly newsletters.

Calendar and diary management

Whether it's scheduling appointments and fielding meeting requests, booking travel, task management, or helping you carve time out to read and study, our diary management skills are pretty amazing. If you'd prefer some one-off help to get you out of a rut, we can also help you with automating your scheduling processes so you have a daily agenda in your inbox each morning. 

Creating rotas

The bane of many church leaders' lives, rotas can feel like the treadmill of administrative tasks because they just keep rollin'. We can collate availability from your team, schedule guest leaders, preachers, and presidents, and create a dreamboat rota you'll want to go to second base with. We're also pros at volunteer coordination and management (training, contracts, policies -- you name it).

OK, so it would be easier to ask what we CAN'T do here. But let's give you the low-down on some of our top skills: 

We can help with transcription, preparing reports and presentations for church meetings; typing up minutes; and creating your church’s weekly service slides or powerpoint presentations. We’re also a dab hand at writing policy and procedure documents. What else? Oh, data entry and word processing, including database creation and management (we've been involved with some pretty fly databases in our time). We can also create an epic church directory and update it as needed, as well as making it printable. Maybe you're bored of reading all the stuff we can do by now, but just to round it up, we also do copywriting and proofreading including newsletters, blog posts, social media content, prayer letters, notice sheets, and reports. And if you happen to be a content machine yourself, we provide copyediting for academic documents and books.

Various word processing tasks

Biblical and curriculum research

Katy and Menekse BOTH went to theological college AND they both worked in a theological college (not that that qualifies them to study the Bible). Anyway, we can also help with writing, and recommendations for teaching series; sourcing videos, statistics, news stories, and reports on particular topics as needed to make your sermons shiiiine like Graham Kendrick's latest hit. 

Church communications are often done by a committed team of volunteers who may or may not have experience in media and communications. We can work with them to create and implement professional communication campaigns both online and offline, including bulletins, emails, flyers, and newsletters; assisting with increasing local awareness about church meetings, events, and special occasions. If you don't have a team, you can outsource it to us.

The online world is a great way to stay connected to your people through the week, and can be an amazing resource for building and developing community. We can help with social media management and strategy, including optimising your church’s presence on Google Maps,Facebook, and your denomination’s central website. We also smash it at Facebook Advertising, so we can help you to create advert campaigns that raise awareness of local events and happenings at your church.

Social Media + Communications

Project management, how we love thee. Whether it's a big building project, system restructuring, implementing new policies, procedures, and processes, or simply some change management support, outsource it to us and rest easy knowing the pros have got your back. (In a totally efficient and pastorally sensitive way.)

Project management

Once upon a year, many churches sent out a Christmas card to all the homes in their parish, featuring a c.2000 Microsoft Clipart and 5 different fonts. And then Lintel Studio came along and helped them create personalised Christmas card mailings that are beautifully designed and not naff at all. (Just one example of how our skills in this area can help.) We ALSO offer hand-written options if you really want to push the boat out. 

We can help with graphic design that reflects your church’s tone, key colours and branding, including creating images for sharing online and across social media; posters for events; leaflets, flyers, and cards. You name it.

Graphic design + mail outs

 We get it. Websites are expensive. We know this, because Menekse just managed a £25k project to build Cheerfully Given's shiny new site. 

But it doesn't have to be so! There are lots of easy ways to provide an attractive, user-friendly website experience for people who want to stalk you online -- and we can help with that. Whether it's maintaining, tweaking, or updating your existing website, or moving you onto a more contemporary online space, we can help you create an informative and easy-to-use way for your church to make donations, listen to sermons, and see what’s coming up in the church calendar. 

Also: it's super affordable. Hit us up for more info. 

Website maintenance and updates


Monthly Packages

Small -  4 hours per month £140 (£35 per hour)

Medium - 12 hours per month £384 (£32 per hour)

Large - 25 hours per month £750 (£30 per hour)

(three month minimum commitment) 

Bulk buy deal - 30 hours £900

(to be used within three months)

Urgent tasks (24 hour turnaround) - £55 per hour

One-off projects, for example, a church database or a new website require custom quotes. Please contact us for more information.